The “OPEN DOOR” Technique to MLM Recruiting

The OPEN DOOR technique is very simple. All you have to do is to start viewing your prospects as open and closed doors. Then, focus on the open ones. Image

Fact is that some people won’t be feeling the business plan and some will be fired up after seeing it. Don’t spend time getting frustrated over people who don’t see the vision. Focus on the few that do. One open door could be 1000 more people in your network.

You may be targeting some friend or person that you really want to join your business. Don’t stress it if they do not come on board immediately. On to the next…




How Nutrilite Helped to Create the Fastest Nation on Earth

Journey with me as I tell you the true tale of how a natural supplement helped to spawn a new generation of devastating sprinters from a tiny island in the Caribbean. olympic-gear-1

The History

When it came to watching track and field growing up, it always seemed as if being first place was very elusive for the Jamaican sprinters. I can remember many Silver and  Bronze performances, but very few gold. We have heard all the stories of greats such as Arthur Wint, George Rhoden and Don Quarrie doing great things sporadically over the last 70 years, but still no real dominance. Between the years of 1976 and 2004 Jamaica only won ONE single athletic gold medal ( Deon Hemmings, 400m Hurdles 1996).

In 2005, from out of nowhere, a young Jamaican named Asafa Powell smashed the 100m world record, lowering it to 9.77 seconds at a small meet in Athens. This was a very surprising performance because a few months earlier at the 2004 Olympics he came finished at disappointing fifth.

So, what was a contributing factor to this new burst of speed displayed by Asafa Powell? 

According to Asafa’s brother Donovan, Asafa was complaining that he felt too drained towards the end of his training sessions. He recommended to Asafa the Nutrilite Daily vitamin supplement. After using the products, Asafa was able to power through entire workouts without feeling drained. You can see Asafa explain it here.

What was the net effect on Jamaica?

In 2007 Asafa powell went on to break the 100m world record again (9.74s) after having a dominant 2006 season. These performances by Asafa Powell shifted the consciousness of Jamaican youth as they now realized that they had the natural talent to be world class sprinters. Asafa Powell was largely responsible for this new belief. More young students started taking an interest in the sport. There was less focus on football (soccer) and cricket as the youth of this generation started to embrace track and field.

The first star of this new Jamaican sprinting generation was Usain Bolt, who currently the greatest sprinter of all time. Usain bolt has since demolished Asafa’s 100m world record (lowered to 9.58s) and has also broken Micheal Johnson’s long standing 200m record (19.19s). Not to mention a total of 6 gold medals over the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

Bolt has further shifted the consciousness of the younger generation and we see it in the fact that over the recently held 2013 high school track and field championship in Jamaica, over 30 records were broken (absolutely unheard of). I personally witnessed a 13 year old kid run 100 meters in 10.93 seconds. It is an exciting time for sprinting in Jamaica as formalized training is now taking place from a younger age and kids are eager to learn. Evidence of this is starting to show it’s head with the likes of Yohan Blake who is the second fastest man of all time behind Bolt in the 100m and 200m at the age of 22. Jamaica is also the home of female sprinter Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce,  gold medalist in the 100m over the last two Olympics.

To put all this into perspective, over the nine year period 2004 to 2013, Jamaica has already accumulated 12 Olympic Track and Field gold medals, compared to just 5 gold medals between 1948 and 2004.


I am not saying that Nutrilite Vitamins are the root cause of Jamaican’s recent successes on the track, but it is safe to say that  in the year 2005, there was a spark that is now causing a huge fire. Nutrilite Vitamins was a component of this spark. These supplements helped to transform Asafa Powell into the most dominant sprinter of his time, which transformed the minds of many young Jamaican athletes including current world sensations Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce. Jamaica is now called the sprint factory of the world and we are still less than ten years into this new Sprinting era caused largely in part by Asafa Powell. The future is indeed bright for Jamaican athletics.

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Amway Diamond Explains How To Build a Successful MLM Leg

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a small group that attended a presentation done by David Shores. Kiyosaki-build-networks David is a 30 year veteran of the Amway business who has achieved diamond status and is a well respected mentor in the industry. On a cool evening in Jamaica Jamaica, David invited us to his beautiful home in Kingston to talk about how  to build successful legs in your business. Here are the main points…

  • Be able to show the plan yourself
  • You need to have people below you who can show the plan
  • Success is 99% mental
  • Don’t be judgmental towards anyone
  • Always have a great, positive attitude
  • Aim to sponsor 30 people (10 will get to work immediately, 10 will be temporary inactive and 10 will slack off completely)
  • New sign ups need the right mental motivation and vision to start. This type of information is in inspirational books and CDs available for purchase almost anywhere. (My personal recommendations are Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” or Alvin Day’s “If Caterpillars Can Fly So can I”
  • It is not when a new sign up registers, It is when they mentally start. Know the difference.
  • Dealing with people is an art
  • When speaking to people, your eyes should be saying “I love you”
  • You should always be able to tell your down line what to do next
  • Raise the level of persons you show the business plan
  • Students and Unemployed people are not usually great MLM prospects
  • If someone can’t afford to use the products for themselves, they are usually not a good prospect.
  • Try to get all your legs at least 3 people wide and 4 people deep
  • Be picky about who you let into your business
  • Aim for 10 growing legs (growing legs meaning each leg is adding one person per week)
  • Live by: Duplication–Unity–Harmony–Growth

If you are so inclined, Join our Amway team here


Bring Information to Life with Slideshare provide users the opportunity to upload slide presentations (MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Adobe PDF etc) and easily share them. Image

As a network marketer, this maybe a useful online tool to share and promote information within your network or for recruiting purposes. They are extremely eye catching and can make understanding tedious material much easier.

Look to the right for a Slideshare presentation done using information from my post “5 Challenges faced by Network Marketers in Developing Countries”.


Let’s Build an MLM Master Mind Group


One of my favorite teachers is Napoleon Hill. Through his personal relationships with such  names as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie, he was able to study exactly what made successful people of his time so successful. If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich or The Magic Ladder to Success, I highly recommend you do so immediately. It could be life changing.

One of the concepts he describes as a law for success is forming a Master Mind group. This is 2 or more minds coming together in harmony to achieve a desired goal. The result will be that a “Master Mind” (a single collective mind) is formed . Each individual in the group will then be able to subconsciously tap into the infinite collective energy of the entire group. This newly formed knowledge base can then lead to incredible accomplishments by each member of the group.

Take a moment to process that…

This is essentially the idea behind all the fancy MLM meetings and presentations these days. When you attend these meetings, the atmosphere is almost electric, you can feel it in the air. THAT is the Master Mind you are feeling, the harmonizing of all the minds in that room. This Master Mind has the ability to charge us and propes us towards success.

My effort in MLM is not just to sponsor many people, or get really targeted leads, or attract amazing prospects or make a really cool blog. I am looking to build a Master Mind, an infinite collective intelligence about network marketing that each member can use for their individual success.

This is about creating a group of innovative thinkers, who are highly motivated to action by the mere thought of having success in MLM. This is the driving force pushing us towards the common goals of helping each other make lots money and positively affecting people around us. The rapper/mogul 50 Cent refers to it as conscious capitalism, which is a concept I can appreciate.

I desire to attract this type of person to my business. I suggest you do the same.

Just putting that out into the Universe.


Set Up a Business Within Your MLM Business to Boost Your Sales

I should let you all know that I am NOT that guy who is smooth talking to strangers, especially trying to convince them to buy something from me, although it is something I am working on. Image

When you sign up for in an MLM business, it is like you are expected to be a people person, when the simple fact remains that everybody isn’t. For this reason I tend to gravitate towards strategies that attract prospects or customers to me as opposed to me chasing after people.

I want to share with you a sales strategy I started using earlier this year which has been giving me some additional sales. So…I live and operate my Amway business in Jamaica (the one in the Caribbean) and decided to create a business within my Amway business, which would essentially allow customers to order products and have them delivered the same day to their door courtesy of yours truly. Bare in mind that the all services offered by my personal Amway website are very limited to the customer base in my geographic region. (For more challenges faced by network marketers in developing coutries, CLICK HERE.)

In the Amway business you have 3 main categories of product (Health, Beauty and Cleaning products). The products I am the most comfortable with are the Vitamin/supplement products, so I decided to focus on these. Here are the steps I took:

  •  Set up a Facebook page detailing the service being offered (Delivering natural health supplements and minerals to your door). I came up with an entirely new brand for this step.
  • I started posting to it by highlighting some of the products and the organic farming techniques used to gather the minerals used in the products.
  • Ran a small advertising campaign for the page on Facebook targeting persons in my geographic area (Kingston, Jamaica) to build up the page likes.
  • For orders being placed I gave out my mobile phone number on the facebook page.
  • Wait for calls to come in.

If traditional ways for selling and prospecting in your MLM business are not working, you could try something out of the box such as this. None of these steps are set in stone, so you could set up a “business” (within your business) that suits your environment. Kingston is relatively small and densely populated so this system works fine for me. I have been able to get a few repeat customers who like the service and it barely cost me anything to set up.

I Hope this was helpful and I would love to get some feedback on this.


Improve Blog Tags With This Simple Google Tool

I got an email from someone asking me what are the “tags” for when posting, so I will share this really quickly.


Tags basically make it easier for the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) to categorize your blog page. Therefore having the right keywords can mean extra FREE traffic, which could mean more money and more leads for your business.

The ideal tag should have lots of monthly searches (over 1500) and relatively low competition from other content with the same tag. The Google Keyword Tool allows you to easily find keywords that meet this exact criteria.

Simply enter a search term related to your post and Google will bring up a bunch of similar keywords. You can then look to see the total monthly searches and high/low competition. Pick the keywords you like the best that meet the criteria, and that is that.

For this post, the tags used will be those suggested by this Google tool from the search term “keyword tool”, you can get an idea of the results.

This is a very basic explanation of this SEO technique which you can tweak around with to come up with your own perfect system for finding keywords.

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